These Terms of Service are applicable to Clients availing Investment Advisory Services (hereinafter referred to as 'Service') offered by Quantum Information Services Private Limited (PersonalFN).

The Parties hereto shall not assign any rights and/or obligations hereunder without the written consent of the other Party.

  1. Disclaimer & Indemnity
    1. The Services rendered by PersonalFN are on a best effort basis. PersonalFN does not assure or guarantee the Client any minimum or fixed returns.

    2. The Services are designed and provided based on the personal information, financial objectives, risk profile and documents furnished to PersonalFN by the Client. The recommendations shown to the Client are based on assumptions that may or may not occur. Both principal value and investment returns may fluctuate over time.

    3. The recommendations made by PersonalFN are subject to several risks & other external factors not in the control of PersonalFN such as financial markets, macro and microeconomic factors, and other factors that can cause an adjustment in the Client’s own financial situation and the progress of the Client’s Plan. PersonalFN has no control over these externalities and hence can only provide the Client with recommendations that is in the Client’s interests, based on the current environment and the information provided by the Client.

    4. If the data originally supplied to PersonalFN is incorrect and/or incomplete, the recommendations will reflect this and consequent errors will project into the future at a magnified rate.

    5. Past performance is no guarantee of any future results.

    6. PersonalFN shall not be responsible for any loss or liability incurred by the Client as a consequence of the Client taking any investment decisions based on the Services provided by PersonalFN.

    7. PersonalFN shall not be responsible for loss of documents while in transit from Client to PersonalFN. All the expenses incurred for sending documents to PersonalFN are to the account of the Client.

    8. PersonalFN shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, to the Client or any third party, as a consequence of the failure of its equipment, howsoever defined, or that of any Internet Service Provider, Client or any third party, to function in such manner as is reasonably expected of such equipment.

    9. The client shall abide Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of PersonalFN.

  2. Service Quality and Escalation Points

    We strive to provide you completely ethical, unbiased and expert services which would help you meet your personal and financial goals. We will take utmost care in ensuring the accuracy of services provided to you. Plans, reports and any other content are thoroughly checked before being released to the Client. However, in case of any Service quality issues, you are free to take the following recourse: Please send your comments in an email to or in writing and send it to the address mentioned below:

    Quantum Information Services Private Limited
    103, Regent Chambers, Nariman Point,
    Mumbai – 400 021

    We will try to resolve your complaint quickly and fairly. If you still do not get a satisfactory outcome, you have the right to forward your complaint to

  3. Modification Of The Terms Of Service

    PersonalFN reserves the right to amend the terms of the Services offered by PersonalFN and the fees charged for the Services to the Client. These Terms of Service shall be binding on all the Clients who avail the various Services offered by PersonalFN.

  4. Your Obligations
    • As a client of PersonalFN’s services, it is your obligation to send us the necessary and accurate information. The service provided to you and the investment recommendations made therein would be only as good as the completeness of information shared with us.
    • Pay the fee/charges as applicable in a timely manner
    • KYC(including CAN & PAYEezz, if required) related documentation.
    • Please note that PersonalFN service fees are non-refundable.
    • You agree that you are under no obligation to avail the execution / distribution services rendered by PersonalFN.
  5. Full Disclosure of Commissions and Charges

    PersonalFN is purely recommending Direct Plans through this service. PersonalFN is not going to receive any commission from any affiliates for the Client’s investments.

  6. Additional Terms & Conditions applicable to NRI

    The service is not applicable to USA & CANADA residents.

    In the event of the Client being a Non-Resident Indian (“NRI”) (as understood in the applicable foreign exchange laws):

    1. The Client represents that the Client has obtained all relevant permissions for the purpose of entering into this Agreement and performing the transactions hereunder [including without limitation approvals as required from the Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’)]. Further, the Client shall at all times ensure full compliance with the applicable Indian laws including FEMA and all other laws under the relevant jurisdiction applicable to the NRI.

    2. In the event of any change in the residential status / nationality of the Client, the Client shall forthwith inform PersonalFN of the same.

    3. All communications/intimations by the Client to PersonalFN shall be accompanied by the requisite approvals from RBI and/or any other regulatory authorities as may be applicable from time to time.

    4. PersonalFN shall not be liable for any loss caused to the Client as a consequence of any delay of approval from any regulatory authority.

    5. The Client shall indemnify PersonalFN for the consequences that PersonalFN may suffer due to any noncompliance by the Client with any regulatory requirements.

    6. PersonalFN shall not be liable to comply with any laws or regulations on behalf of the Client expect as required by law.

Term of Service

The term of the service is for a period of one year from the date of enrollment.

Acknowledgement From The Client

I acknowledge that:

  1. the receipt of the Terms of Service for the services opted for by me

  2. that I have read, understood and accepted the same.

  3. I recognize my obligations under these Terms of Service and I promise to adhere to them.

  4. I agree and accept that I am under no obligation to avail the execution / distribution services rendered by PersonalFN

  5. I accept that the services rendered by PersonalFN are on a best effort basis. PersonalFN shall not be responsible for any loss or any liability incurred by me or my family or any of the users of the reports of PersonalFN as a consequence of my or any other person on my behalf taking any investment decisions based on the recommendations and / or Services provided by PersonalFN.