Mutual fund investing is a serious business and as an independent research outfit, we understand the mutual fund segment better than most others.

At PersonalFN our Research Team tests every mutual fund scheme through extensive scrutiny by a set process, while our recommended schemes make the grade on a number of parameters before being selected.

Experience suggests that many funds are capable of clocking impressive growth and featuring as top performers in their respective segments across time frames; however such funds may not necessarily top the list on our selection parameters and may not feature in our recommendations.

What we look for is stable and sustained performance across various parameters (including risk and returns).

The intricacies of our fund selection process include:

  • Fund House Ratings
  • Scheme Performance across various time periods
  • Schemes Performance across Market Cycles
  • Risk Return Analysis
  • Portfolio Characteristics and Concentration Analysis etc.

Research Methodology

Part 1. Fund House Selection

  • Study the AMC’s investment process & philosophy
  • Fund house should have minimum 3 years of existence
  • Interaction with fund houses on regular basis

Part 2. Fund Selection

  • Fund should have completed minimum 3 years
  • Fund is evaluated on various parameters such as
    1. Long term performance
    2. Performance across market cycles
    3. Risk Ratios (Std. Deviation, Sharpe Ratio etc)
  • Relative performance vis-à-vis benchmark index and category peers
  • Analysis of portfolio characteristics such as
    1. Stocks and Sectoral concentration
    2. Portfolio Turnover
    3. Cash Calls etc.

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